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Our Legacy

Toby Liechti, '06-'09

I owe so much to the Lakers. The memories we created will stay with me for the rest of my life, and what I learned there helped me get to where I am today.

Tyler Reichhoff, '06-'08

Lakers baseball allowed me to play the game I love while building friendships that will last the rest of my life

Mike O'Connell, '08-'11

I'll never forget beating the Billings Royals at State, what a game. Playing for the Lakers allowed me to play baseball in College.

Dean Stimpson, '08-'10

It was through teaching opportunities that Coach Malmin took advantage of that gave me extra confidence going forward in my life.

Leif Ericksen, '14-'16

They mold their players into mentally tough, hardworking, and all around disciplined players on the field and people off the field.

Andy Bemis, '13-'15

I truly believe that all young men should experience something like this growing up, as it set the foundation for the excellent work ethic I carry with me into my studies in college, as well as work. 


Connor Drish, '17-'20

Being a Laker isn't just about playing baseball. It's about the friendships, memories, and lessons you learn. I learned not to take anything for granted and to cherish every second you are out there on the field with your team. Don't be so worried about making an error or messing up that you miss out on the feeling you get when you lace up your cleats and step out onto the diamond. Because when you put aside everything else, the game, your teammates, your coaches, and this Laker program, will bring so much joy and so many amazing memories that will truly last a lifetime.



Reid Barrows



Nate Skonard



Ethan Diede



Adam Nikunen



Danny Kernan



Elijah Owens


The Lakeshow award is given annually to the graduated player who best represented the values of Kalispell Lakers Baseball during his time as a Laker.

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