Win a rifle, shotgun or handgun from Murdochs Ranch & Home Supply!


All winning tickets go back into the drawing. 1 ticket equals 20 chances to win!

Day 20 Grand Prize:

Proof Research Elevation 300 Win Mag Rifle & Sprigfield Arm. Hellcat 9MM Pistol

Over $3500 Value


All proceeds from the charitable benefit raffle go to benefit Kalispell's youth participating in Kalispell American Legion Baseball.

Tickets are $20 each and available from January 19, 2022 through April 15, 2022... Or until sold out!


Purchase from:

  • Any Kalispell Lakers Player, Coach or Board Member

  • Fatt Boys Bar & Grille in Kalispell

  • Los Caporales in Evergreen

  • Flathead Sports & Hobby Cards in Kalispell

  • Sliters Lumber & Building Supply in Somers, Lakeside & Bigfork

The drawing begins April 18, 2022

Ticket are $20.00 each, with a max of 3,000 tickets sold. Must be 18 years or older to purchase a ticket.


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  1. Limit of 3,000 tickets will be printed numbering 0001 to 3,000. Each ticket sold will have a numbered ticket stub.

  2. The first 19 daily drawn ticket holders will have the opportunity to receive one firearm from a list of firearms and corresponding drawing dates, which is listed at www.kalispelllakers.org.

  3. The 20th daily drawn ticket holder will have the opportunity to be the Grand Prize winner and will receive the Grand Prize Package. Details are listed at www.kalispelllakers.org.

  4. Winning/drawn tickets go back into all future drawings. The same ticket number can be drawn more than once!

  5. There is no limit to the number of tickets one may purchase.

  6. One (1) ticket per $20.00

  7. All proceeds benefit Kalispell Legion Baseball Association (KLBA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

  8. Retail value of winning prize may be taxable. Participants and winners should consult their tax advisor.

  9. Tickets available for purchase starting January 19, 2022 and available until sold out.

  10. Daily drawings will begin April 18th, 2022.

  11. Drawing announcements will be held each weekday on the "Bear Mourning Country Club" with John Michaels, on KDBR 106.3 FM in Kalispell, Montana.

  12. Winners will be notified by phone and winning names will be posted daily on the KLBA website at https://www.kalispelllakers.org/20-guns-in-20-days. Saturday and Sunday winners will be drawn and announced the preceding Friday or the following Monday.

  13. You need not be present to win. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of drawing date.

  14. Unclaimed tickets will be redrawn if the winning ticket holder cannot be contacted or does not claim prize in 30 days.

  15. 20 Guns in 20 Days is void where prohibited.

  16. All firearms transfers will be done through a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer and all Federal, State and Local laws apply, including the state laws for the legal residency of winning ticket holders.

  17. You must be 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States to purchase a ticket.

  18. Winning ticket holders must be at least 18 years old to take possession of a rifle or shotgun and must be at least 21 years old and a resident of Montana to take possession of a handgun.

  19. If you cannot or do not want to own a firearm, you may transfer your winning ticket to someone who can or wants to own a firearm.

  20. By purchasing a raffle ticket, you attest that you are a law abiding United States citizen, may legally possess the firearm(s) won, have intention of using the firearm(s) only in a legal and safe manner, and will or have already obtained instruction on the safe use and operation of the firearm(s) won.

  21. KLBA reserves the right to draw early or late for any scheduled daily prize due to scheduling conflicts or ease of scheduling over weekends, holidays, etc. In the event a ticket is drawn early, the winning ticket number may or may not be disclosed earlier than the scheduled date for that prize.

  22. In the event winners need or wish to have the firearm(s) won transferred to their local FFL dealer closer to their residence, shipping and any other additional costs involved with the transfer will be the responsibility of the winner and arrangements must be made with the KLBA selected FFL dealer.

  23. KLBA makes no warranty of firearms; winners will deal directly with the manufacturer if a problem arises.

  24. KLBA makes no claims of firearms suitability of purpose of firearms won.

  25. KLBA limits any and all liability to the purchase price of ticket purchased.

  26. For the complete list of firearms available in this raffle, go to www.kalispelllakers.org

  27. All firearms won are subject to availability at the time of drawing and KLBA reserves the right to make substitutions of equal or greater value.

2022 Raffle Winners!

Day 1 (4/18/22) - Tyler Heine #733

Day 2 (4/19/22) - Robert Wehrman #2174

Day 3 (4/20/22) - Kari Elliot #2809

Day 4 (4/21/22) - Michelle Morris #2803

Day 5 (4/22/22) - Penny Stevens #118

Day 6 (4/23/22) - David Lang #442

Day 7 (4/24/22) - Brecken Walcheck #2247

Day 8 (4/25/22) - Jason Baker #1371

Day 9 (4/26/22) - Brandon Adam #1526

Day 10 (4/27/22) - Steve Robinson #2348

Day 11 (4/28/22) - Thomas Morgan #665

Day 12 (4/29/22) - Zach Smelker #1494

Day 13 (4/30/22) - Lorraine Berish #1027

Day 14 (5/1/22) - John Postlewait #2641

Day 15 (5/2/22) - Bobby Lincoln #536

Day 16 (5/3/22) - Coty Howell #1448

Day 17 (5/4/22) - Jenny Saunders #326

Day 18 (5/5/22) - Donald Hokanson #1509

Day 19 (5/6/22) - Stephen Denys #1502

Day 20 (5/7/22) - Josh Hawley #548